Training Fees

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Registration for Publicly Offered Seminars

Seminars scheduled for JCC seminar facilities or other locations that are available for public registration are based on the number of days in the offered seminar. All include a copy of the course material and laboratory sessions. Seminars held at JCC facilities also include continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshments for breaks.

  • one day seminars $450.00 / attendee
  • two day seminars $900.00 / attendee
  • three day seminars $1350.00 / attendee
  • four day seminars $1800.00 / attendee
  • five day seminars $2250.00 / attendee

Consult the general training overview for additional information.

Seminars at Your Site

JCC arranges seminars at client sites at mutually convenient times. On-site seminars can also be tailored to meet specific needs. Fees for on-site seminars are $15,000 per five-day seminar (for up to ten attendees), plus instructor travel and other costs.

For on-site seminars, JCC provides the seminar materials. The organization sponsoring the seminars must provide any amenities and computing access for all participants.

Contact JCC to discuss your specific needs. 

Training Program Credits Package

JCC offers a special package of training credits for persons who are ranmping up their Rdb skills. A package of 20 training credits may be purchased for $8,000. Each training credit is equivalent to the fees for one day of a publically-offered seminar for one person.