JCC LogMiner Loader Release 3.6.1 Announcement

JCC is pleased to announce the release of Version 3.6.1 of the JCC LogMiner Loader.

Since the release of Version 3.6.0 of the JCC LogMiner Loader, JCC has added enhancements, including:

  • Kafka processing model list is expanded.
  • Latency information is added to CALLSTACK reporting.

In addition, JCC has corrected the following:

  • STATE display latency displays all asterisks
  • Heartbeat logging disabled in certain circumstances
  • FilterMap definition could result in CLML ACCVIO prior to starting Loader threads

As always, the regression testing has been thorough and all known bugs have been addressed.

You can acquire the release and the full release notes here. You can also find additional information in the blogs here.