JCC consultants offer training seminars, research papers, and hands-on technology transfer in a wide variety of locations and venues with excellent results. JCC training seminars are offered by active participants in the industry who speak from extensive experience. JCC seminars are created and delivered with a wide knowledge of the information technology sector and a familiarity with a diversity of software options.

Oracle has named JCC the preferred partner for Oracle Rdb training and JCC offers training at Oracle Rdb technical events worldwide.

JCC customizes training programs to meet specific needs. JCC also has a list of existing seminars that are kept up-to-date. The first step in arranging JCC training to meet your needs is to use the JCC Seminar Request form to share your background and training needs!

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 Rdb seminar in North Ryde, Australia
Query Tuning and Locking, North Ryde, Australia

Training Seminars at the JCC Facility

The JCC offices are located in the historic village of Granville, Ohio, and all scheduled seminars are offered at this location. Granville is picturesque and relatively inexpensive, but is only 25 miles east of Port Columbus (CMH, Columbus, Ohio) which is served by all major airlines.

Because we feel that a coherent student group enhances the information exchange, we provide lunch with the program. In addition, refreshments are available throughout the seminar day and provide a focus for important informal discussions of the topics.

Training at Your Site

JCC also offers on-site training programs at customer facilities.  These on-site programs can be tailored to fit specific business needs.  The database tuning courses in particular, are often tailored to use tuning analyses of the running databases (in a development or testing environment) as part of the seminar exercises.

Seminars and Workshops at Technical Forums

JCC often offers multi-day seminars preceeding or following Rdb Technical Forums.  At most Forums,  JCC also offers a one-day, no-fee workshop on creating, monitoring, and tuning architectures with the  JCC LogMiner Loader.

Class Size

We prefer to keep the class size small and personal to allow for discussion about real-life problems and practices. Our maximum attendance for seminars at JCC is usually no more than eight participants which is lower than the minimum attendance for many other popular training programs in the industry. We prefer to restrict on-site seminars to no more than 10 students.

Seminar Schedule

From time to time, JCC schedules public seminar offerings. These occur at JCC offices in central Ohio, Rdb Forum locations, and elsewhere. The schedule is determined by the interest expressed. Express your interest with JCC Seminar Request form.

Seminar Catalogue

The catalogue of JCC Seminars offers a list of some of the material that JCC Consultants have created. The seminars have, of course, evolved and are customized according to current issues and the attendees. JCC Consultants are also happy to create new seminars to meet specific needs. Recent examples include: 1 - a two week immersion in OpenVMS and Rdb for Oracle DBAs and 2 - Oracle database administration specifically tuned to experienced Rdb DBAs.

If you do not see the seminar listed that you need, please contact JCC.     


The fee for a JCC scheduled seminar is $450 / seminar day / attendee. The fee for a modestly customized on site seminar is $3000 per seminar day with some restrictions. For custom developed seminars, fees vary with the request.

To see additional details and a description of the Credits Package consult our more detailed fee sheet.


Contact JCC if you are interested in attending a JCC seminar, having JCC come to your site to present, or in receiving more detailed information about the training services that we provide.