JCC Consulting, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in information technology solutions. JCC combines wide-ranging practical experience with solid theoretical background, on-going research, and development of robust, flexible tools. JCC's current research includes active participation in INCITS standards efforts for both SQL and Big Data.


JCC clients have some of the most demanding information technology needs on the planet. JCC clients rely on JCC to produce stable, accurate, and timely results. JCC Consultants can work as an independent group, in a mentoring capacity, or as part of a broad team. JCC delivers on time and within budget. JCC brings to projects, not only knowledge and experience, but also software tools and a robust development and testing environment.


Successful projects begin with an architecture based on a thorough understanding of the component parts and how they interact.

Since the early nineties, JCC Consultants have designed and executed data migration architectures that enable continuation of ongoing computing support while gradual and non-disruptive change in the fundamental data platform is achieved. Today, in concern over Oracle Rdb futures, some JCC clients are taking advantage of JCC expertise with migration architectures and the JCC LogMiner Loader™ tool which supports such architectures.

Support for JCC products and architectures receives high praise.


JCC expertise is most thoroughly grounded in information storage and utilization. Early experience focused on Oracle Rdb (formerly DEC Rdb) running on OpenVMS with all of the development and application management tools utilized in that environment over the years. Current experience includes Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, as well as a thorough grounding in standards directions and basic principles. Today, JCC delivers mixed architectures employing data resources and operating systems responsive to the needs and delivering user access when, where, and how the information is needed.


JCC Consultants can assist managers, team leaders, database administrators, developers, and others in understanding new technologies and how the pieces might relate to a company's own issues.

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