With years of experience with a large variety of client situations, JCC Consultants have developed some extremely useful tools. Some of these have been further enhanced to make them available as products.

Discussed here are:





JCC LogMiner Loader™

The JCC LogMiner Loader publishes changes made to data in an Rdb database to a specified target. The Loader is highly configurable and feature rich. The Loader is utilized in a wide range of architectures. The Loader is robust and includes tools to analyze difficulties in the overall architecture. The Loader is essentially real-time. 

The JCC LogMiner Loader pages provide an overview and case studies. The JCC LogMiner Loader blog provides detailed hints and responses to recent questions.

Extenive additional information on the Loader is available in JCC and customer presentations, the documentation, the overview, and the Loader blog.

 JCC Data Pump™

The Data Pump is a companion product to the JCC LogMiner Loader and is included in the Loader distribution kit at no additional fee.

The Data Pump can be used for initial population of the target, data conversion, or to repair the data after difficulties with downstream processing. The Data Pump "understands" parent-child relationships and can be instructed to "pump" specific data trees including a specified set of rows in one table and all the dependent rows in other tables. The Data Pump is fast and accurate.

A description of the Data Pump is also included with the notes on the Loader.

JCC Queue™

JCC Queue provides rapid, accurate queueing and dequeueing.  JCC Queue utilizes Oracle Rdb's row cache feature to maintain queues in memory for applications for which queueing cannot be a bottleneck.  JCC Queue is scalable, resilient, tunable, and capatible with mirrored data centers and hot standby.  In one installation, application transactions went from 200ms to 25ms with the introduction of JCC Queue.

The product also includes initialization procedures, documentation (including a discussion of tuning tradeoffs), and the JCC Real Time Visualizer for monitoring the queues.

Contact JCC for more information and a demonstration of this exciting product.