JCC LogMiner Loader Release 3.6 Announcement

JCC Consulting is pleased to announce the release of Version 3.6 of the JCC LogMiner Loader.  This version offers a number of enhancements and bug fixes as well as a separately licensable option to publish Rdb committed transactions to a Kafka server.

Since the release of Version 3.5.1 of the JCC LogMiner Loader, JCC has added the following enhancements:

  • Wildcarding for VirtualColumn and MapColumn keywords to extend a statement to all tables.
  • Extension to the procedure to create a Control File to support creating the originating_DBKey support for all tables, as needed.
  • Expansion of the XML keyword to modify the default header or define whether to include NULL values.
  • Ability to use a private JRE (Java Runtime Environment).
  • Enhancements for the IVP.
  • Improvements to the statistics display.
  • Added robustness for the “heartbeat” support.
  • Performance improvements in the efficiency of the logging, in database attaches, and in the JDBC interface.
  • Expansion of JCC_GET_DB_INFO to check the version of Rdb and set a symbol.
  • Support for a logical name to turn off the Data Pump’s “No rows found” informational message.
  • Support for a logical name to set delta dates to NULL.
  • Default logical names for Java.
  • Additional logging for the Control File.
  • Automated advancing of the checkpoint with sessions that are defined in such a way that there are few rows written to the Loader target.

The JCC LogMiner Loader Kafka Option supports publishing committed transactions to Kafka servers using XML, JSON, or Avro formats. Publishing transactions to Kafka makes the committed transactions available to a variety of Kafka consumers and allows the Rdb data to be included in a data lake. The Kafka Option supports publication using both plaintext and SSL connections to Kafka servers. Avro support works with Confluent Kafka Schema Registration services.

As always, the regression testing has been thorough and all known bugs are addressed.

You can acquire the release and the full release notes here. You can also find additional information in the blogs here.

For more information about the JCC LogMiner Loader Kafka Option or a trial license key, contact us here or use your existing support address.