JCC LogMiner Loader Workshop

JCC LogMiner Loader Workshop

Length: 1 day

The JCC LogMiner Loader is a flexible tool with many uses and an abundance of monitoring and tuning options.  JCC training provides a detailed and hands-on introduction to Oracle Rdb's LogMiner and to the JCC LogMiner Loader.


The topics may include:

  • Oracle Rdb LogMiner Concepts
  • JCC LogMiner Loader Overview
  • Configuring the JCC LogMiner Loader
  • Monitoring the JCC LogMiner Loader
  • Architecture Options and the Loader
  • Data Model Transforms and Data Transforms with the Loader
  • Identifying and Resolving Problems
  • Specifics of Different Targets
  • Case Studies

Seminar Presenters:

Keith W. Hare, President
Cheryl P. Jalbert, Senior Consultant
Thomas H. Musson, Senior Consultant