About Us

JCC Consulting, Inc. was founded by Dr. Jeffrey S. Jalbert in the spring of 1984. That year, Jeff took a leave of absence from his position as Professor of Physics and Director of the Computer Center at Denison University to launch JCC Consulting. JCC did not remain a tentative venture for long. In 1985, Keith W. Hare and Cheryl Pearlstine Jalbert finished Masters degrees in Computer and Information Science and joined JCC full-time. Three years after its inception, JCC built new offices and hired Thomas H. (Tom) Musson and Robert W. (Bob) Wade. Bob left JCC for a time to be CIO at a larger firm, but has returned to JCC in a new capacity.

JCC Consultants have always participated in international technical societies and have worked extensively with architects and developers at major vendors. These avenues have provided the opportunity to add other expert personnel when needed. Occasionally, JCC has also followed its founder's academic bent and added interns and recent graduates to train to positions in the industry. In addition, JCC has been fortunate in its support personnel.

From the beginning, JCC policy has been to have the equipment and software necessary to be true experts in the areas that JCC Consultants address. JCC maintains sufficient resources to develop and test major systems for JCC customers. Since acquiring 24 X 7 support contracts for clients around the world, JCC Consultants have been particularly concerned with the reliability and redundancy of all resources. The JCC data center is a secure, climate-controlled facility with a large natural gas backup generator, battery backup appliance, blade servers, data storage arrays, multiple disk and tape backup devices, firewalls, spam email filters and other advanced networking equipment with multiple high-speed connections to the internet.

The main JCC offices and data center are still located in Granville, Ohio USA. Many of the JCC training seminars are offered there and JCC welcomes clients from around the world to these facilities. Granville is a historic village with many low cost alternatives for visitors, but is less than half an hour from CMH, Columbus Ohio's airport.  The JCC offices are located about a kilometer from the center of Granville and across the street from the Granville Golf Course on Newark Granville Road. 

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