JCC provides services to clients around the world and in a variety of industries. JCC clients have information resources that are critical to success. JCC clients also share an expectation of receiving outstanding value and reliability for expenditures.

Hiring JCC saves far more money than is spent!

JCC Services are always designed in response to client needs. Details vary from client to client, but some services are particularly popular.

Performance Tuning

JCC is often asked to respond to emergency needs for improved performance from mission critical applications or databases. Examples of emergency tuning responses are diverse.

JCC is also available for guidance in tuning important databases and applications before the problems become critical. This service is less frequently used than the emergency one, but is significantly easier on everyone.

Contact JCC for tuning assistance.

Remote Support

JCC offers a variety of options for remote support. The most often requested is support for DBA functions. JCC can, of course, combine remote support with occasional on-site appearances. JCC prefers to put consultants on site at the client site only long enough and frequently enough to provide maximum benefit.

JCC DBA describes the diversity of established programs for remote provision of DBA services. Should you be seeking other remote support contact JCC

Migration / Conversion

JCC Consultants, since the early ‘90’s have been developing mechanisms and tools for migrating systems without interrupting current production. Should you need to migrate support for your information storage, the tools that you use, or any other aspects of your operations, JCC Consultants can simplify the process and protect your on-going operations.

Migration Services provides more information on JCC migration methodologies.


JCC experience with a variety of information storage and processing options are a significant advantage for enterprises that have a diversity of platforms in a mixed enterprise or, equally important, in enterprises with a consistent architecture that need to add new tools and approaches not previously anticipated or supported.

Application Architecture and Development

JCC has participated in all aspects of application architecture and development.

Most often, JCC Consultants are asked to review architectures or resolve database issues. JCC’s expertise in determining the performance implications of design choices and the interaction of application components are key advantages and JCC Consultants work well in teams with other consultants and client personnel.

On occasion, JCC develops an entire project. These are delivered on time and on budget ... or early and under budget.


JCC consultants have offered seminars, research papers, and hands-on technology transfer in a wide variety of locations and venues with excellent results. JCC training seminars are offered by active participants in the industry who speak from extensive experience. JCC seminars are created and delivered with a wide knowledge of the information technology sector and a familiarity with a diversity of software options.

JCC offers seminars, both at client sites and as public offerings. JCC seminars are designed to teach an understanding as well as specific syntax. JCC tailors seminars or creates new seminars to meet specific needs. JCC seminars have included design topics, Oracle for Rdb DBAs, Rdb for Oracle DBAs, tools for rapid deployment, database administration, tuning, database internals, and workshops on JCC’s own LogMiner Loader.

For more on specific offerings and approaches, see JCC training options.