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  • Database Daydreams (2)

    Do databases dream of electric sheep?

    My collegue Tom Musson asked this question when he added the blog space to our web site. It was originally an attempt to get me to think about an appropriate introduction, but the question has grown on me and I've decided to leave it, at least for the moment.

    Anyhow, the goal of this blog (or set of blogs) is to allow me space to ramble about database topics, particularly with respect to the SQL standards development and the current efforts to identify pieces in the area of Big Data that might benefit from standards.


  • JCC LogMiner Loader Hints (21)

    JCC LogMiner Loader Blog
    This blog is used by JCC to provide information relevant to the JCC LogMiner Loader community.  The topics covered include frequently asked questions and especially important or time sensitive information.