Database and Application Tuning

JCC is often asked to respond to emergency needs for improved performance from mission critical applications or databases.

JCC is also available for guidance in tuning important databases and applications before the problems become critical. This service is less frequently used than the emergency one, but is significantly easier on everyone.

Here are some scenarios to consider:

Lost Production

A steel mill needed to be taken down, for a full shift once every three weeks for database maintenance. JCC was able to tune the database and application sufficiently to reduce the down time to a rare occurance. The gain in productivity covered JCC's fee many times over.

Too Critical to Fail

A trading floor was stalled and the software failure was reflected in major news stories that threatened international economic impact. JCC was able to resolve all the issues. JCC Consultants were involved in future decisions and operations for the next seven years.

Income Throttle

A company could not ship product, despite the line of trucks at the loading dock, because poor database design was blocking the information retrieval required for shipment. The income spike after JCC's tuning more than covered the JCC fee and the company has sought assistance from JCC at several points since then.

Vanished Data

Through compound errors, a company lost all access to records of sales and deliveries. Continuation of the company was at risk. The databse platform developers determined that there was no rescuing the data. JCC investigated the situation and retrieved the data. The company remained in business.

Naive Testing

A software company, expecting to do a major release, discovered that, with realistic data, the product didn't scale well. JCC was able to tune the software. The product was released.


Contact JCC for tuning assistance.

Although success is never guaranteed, JCC Consultants have never failed to make substantive improvements that have met the need.