Database Reorg without Downtime

The company had for far too long put off database maintenance because they couldn't afford to interrupt the database. When they could no longer add new customers, they called JCC for help.

They had "hit the wall" as mixed areas in their database had filled. They had exceeded the limits of the database physical design. They were exceedingly nervous because a consultant, not from JCC, had previously attempted to reorganize their database and caused them to be down for multiple days. In the intervening time, it had become even more critical to their business that they have NO noticeable downtime.

This was a 60 Gb database. JCC Consultants estimated that traditional reorganization techniques would require 24 hours of down time.

The company was at a major decision point. Business growth had been healthy, but the computer support was already not adequate to handle past growth. Database reorganization could be deferred no longer.

A copy was made of the production database. While processing continued on the production database, the copy was reorganized and the results tested. When the reorganized database was ready, the JCC LogMiner Loader was used to apply the data changes that had occurred in the production database since the copy was made.

The total downtime for user support could have been less than a minute. The customer was so amazed that they insisted on an additional ten minutes or so of testing.