Which Kit?

The JCC LogMiner Loader is supported on two different hardware architectures and kits are provided in two different formats for each.

The first choice that needs to be made is on which hardware architecture, Alpha or Itanium, you wish to run the JCC LogMiner Loader.  It is possible that the answer is 'both', in which case you need to download one kit for each architecture.

Our download pages refers to the two architectures by the short name in the table below.

Architecture Short name Description
Alpha AXP Originally sold by Digital Equipment Corporation in 1992 and continued being sold by Compaq and later Hewlett-Packard through 2007.  Emulated Alpha CPUs are now more prevelant with multiple vendors provding world class emulation software.
Itanium IPF First released by Hewlett-Packard in 2001, the Itanium processor continues to be sold today.  The Itanium processor versions have had code names such as McKinley, Madison, Hondo, Deerfield, Montecito, Montvale, Tukwila and Poulson.  This architecture is sometimes referred to as Integrity.

The second choice to make is whether you wish to download a ZIP file or an EXE.  Both kits contain identical files.  Use the table below to help you decide which kit you wish to use.

Type Description
ZIP This file is a variant of a ZIP archive file format.  The file is created using the OpenVMS ZIP utility that is provided on the OpenVMS freeware CDs , the OpenVMS freeware pages at HP, OpenVMS.org and others.  By using the OpenVMS-specific ZIP utility, the files within the archive have the file attributes preserved.  If the archive is unzipped on OpenVMS, the saveset included within will be recognized as a OpenVMS backup saveset.  If, alternatively, you unzip the file on Windows, Mac, Unix or any other operating system and FTP the file to OpenVMS, additional processing is necessary as described in this blog post.
EXE This file is an OpenVMS executable.  It is exactly the same as the ZIP file described above with the exception that the ZIP archive is prepended with a small UNZIP utility.  When the executable is run, the UNZIP utility UNZIPs the the internal ZIP archive.  Using this kit, you can extract the kit on OpenVMS without the need of installing the OpenVMS ZIP utility.