Performance and Large Data Volumes

The JCC LogMiner Loader is used to publish data at many times the rate that other applications can handle the volume.

A company wanted to begin using a wider range of products and applications. They have a mission critical billing system that handles over 10,000,000 customers. The processing demands were so large that the company writing the existing software had divided the data into almost 30 databases in order to handle the data volumes, update rates, and query demands.

The company's first use of the Loader used the XML target and a customer-defined API. That was so successful that another set of Loaders was added to publish data to a Tuxedo target. The Tuxedo application maintains an Operational Data Store (ODS) which is used to feed a customer service application.

A set of Loaders handle all the transactions for all the source databases while maintaining transaction consistency and interacting with the targets. The Loaders process the data at a peak rate of 2,400 rows per second.