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Did Someone Move My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese? By Dr. Spencer Johnson discusses the difficulty that we all have dealing with change. In computing, we have often been the agents of change, but we don't like changes and surprises any better than anyone else.

Oracle has announced that development for the itanium chip will cease with the current versions of its software. This sounds like a significant change for many of us. We are naturally disappointed.

Let's examine what has changed and what we each need to do about it.

Seventeen years ago, Oracle purchased Rdb from Digital Equipment Corporation and made a commitment to keep Rdb alive for three years. They have already exceeded that by almost a factor of six. Rdb is still profitable and Oracle wants the customer base. Over this time period, we've seen development for a new hardware platform, validation for new CPUs, validation for many newer versions of OpenVMS, performance enhancements such as row caches, significant exec enhancements, etc. etc. etc.. Addition of the LogMiner to the Rdb product has fostered JCC's LogMiner Loader and, thus, indirectly opened up a wide range of options for customers who want to spread data around and even migrate.

Now, we have a public statement from Kevin Duffy that clarifies the future for Rdb. According to Oracle standard policy, Rdb 7.3 will see eight years of continued support. The past seventeen years tells us what to expect that support to be like. After that, we can assume there will continue to be some form of support available. We have an eight to twelve year horizon to plan for whatever we want.

So much changes in computing in that length of time that we should expect to see significant change, anyway.

JCC Consulting has been advising customers on possible futures since before Oracle purchased Rdb. At this juncture, there are a variety of paths available to Rdb customers, depending on their situation, including:

Did anything really change?

JCC's Role

JCC is better positioned, today, to play a major role in the evolution of new futures than ever before. Our work with a large and growing list of targets for our LogMiner Loader product, our work with clients on diverse platforms, our experience with newer technologies, and Keith Hare’s involvement in the standards efforts give us an appreciation of the platforms and enhancements available and the peculiarities of each. Our almost thirty years of consulting work has given us first hand experience with technical, business, and organization challenges over a wide range of industries, corporate sizes, and IT demands.

Our conversion experience has taught us how to migrate to the future without destabilizing today.

For Rdb shops embracing other architectures, the JCC LogMiner Loader provides a method for keeping changing architectures functioning.

Contact us to discuss your needs and options.

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